What can you say about an artist like Wholewheat? When someone can harness everything that's right about the best work of Beck and Mac DeMarco and make it something completely his own, what can you say about that? How do you do justice to songs that are perfectly crafted yet still ooze lo-fi genius? Everyone can relate to these songs on some level. Maybe you see yourself in them, maybe you're repulsed by them....either at the extremes or somewhere in between you will feel Wholewheat. These songs are honest and cut to the heart of what matters most....or they might just be great to sing really loud as you stumble home late at night. Here are a few point to take away from all this from Wholewheat himself:

-Wholewheat is from TR STREETZ, NJ

-All songs are inspired by mildew smell in his parents mold ass basement

-WW prefers #3 supersize extra cheese

-His songs recall a better time filled with people in mold ass basements dancing to records with spilled ashtray juice on them

-He got that lofi bang