Spaces LP is selling fast!

It's just over a month since we released our first LP, Spaces - Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void. If you follow what we're up to on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr then you've been hearing a lot about it. Spaces and Walk-In want to take a minute to thank each of you for making this record a great success. We've sold well over half of the 250 copies we pressed and the remaining copies are moving fast. If you're planning on getting one for yourself or buying it for a friend, don't wait, click here and get yours today. Thank you again for your support and check back soon for an update from Sister Crystals.

A closer look at the Spaces LP

Check out these pictures of the Spaces LP. Nice stuff... Order the LP here


One of the highlights of this packaging is the screened poster. The guys at Hellish Things did a fantastic job with this. Take a minute and visit their site. Now, check out this video of the making of the poster...

Hellish Things for Spaces from Spaces on Vimeo.

Spaces LP is now available to pre-order

We at Walk-In Records are pleased to announce Spaces second LP, Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void, is now available to pre-order.

The LP is pressed on 180 gram blood-red vinyl and comes housed in a sturdy jacket with some of the best cover artwork we've seen in a long time. The first pressing is a hand-numbered edition of 250 and includes a full-color insert and a hand-numbered silk-screened poster. Each copy also includes a digital download code for those of you who don't have a turntable in your car or at work.... you get the idea.

If you haven't heard Spaces yet, here's one of our favorites from the LP

The LP is $25 plus postage and handling.



Magic City... isn't that a TV show?

As you may or may not know by now, there's a new show out there called Magic City. I'd love to tell you that the show details the adventures of an amazing band from Chicago but I'd be lying. The show has nothing to do with bands at all. As entertaining as Magic City the TV show might be, it makes it tough for Magic City the fantastic Chicago band to be found on the internet. WIth this in mind, we're pleased to announce that Magic City, the band, has changed their name to Sister Crystals. What does this mean for the future? Really, it changes nothing. Same band, same music, and they're still recording their first LP which Walk-In Records will release this summer. So, while Sister Crystals is hard at work recording that LP, Please go like them on Facebook and Twitter at the links below, then check out some live footage of one of their new songs. Facebook -!/SisterCrystals

Twitter -!/SisterCrystals

Please welcome Spaces to Walk-In Records

We are very excited to announce that Spaces have agreed to release their album Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void on Walk-In Records. Hailing from Brooklyn, Spaces weave an intricate blend of instrumental post-rock, with a healthy dose of late 70's prog-rock. Trust me, this is an album that was made to be heard on vinyl. It's records like this one that will make you thankful you spent all that money on a good turntable and nice headphones. We're busy taking care of the last-minute details but we plan to have this pressed and in your hands early this summer. In the meantime you can learn more about Spaces here.

Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void was released digitally last year; the vinyl pressing on Walk-In Records will be its first physical release We're planning a lot of great extras for this record that you will really need to see to appreciate. More details to come... While you wait for the vinyl, you can get yourself the digital version here.

What's going on??

As Walk-In Records slowly creeps toward its sixth month of existence, it seems like a good time to take a minute to give an update on what's going on around here. As I'm sure you know our first release will be the first album from Chicago's Magic City. February has seen the band playing several shows around Chicago. If you're in Chicago or can get there, you can catch Magic City's next show on March 1 at Double Door. To see what you've been missing check out this video from their most recent show.

Also, Magic City's Little Bits EP, released in November on Feel Trip Records is now available on cassette as well as download. If haven't heard this yet please get over to their Bandcamp page and grab this. The coming weeks will see Magic City hit the studio to start recording their new record. We will keep you posted on their progress.

Beyond all of the great things going on with Magic City, a lot of people want to know if Walk-In will be releasing any other records. The answer is yes, most definitely. I can't say who the other artists on the label will be at this point as nothing is official. I can tell you that we've talked to or have plans to get in touch with several artists about working with us but nothing is finalized at this point.When something becomes official you'll be among the first to know. With that being said, the philosophy around here is to put out music that we're really passionate about, not releasing records just for the sake of releasing something. If that means we don't release another record for two years, so be it. As the they say, sometimes good things take time.

Magic City Little Bits cassette is coming....

Hopefully you've had a chance to check out Magic City's debut EP, Little Bits. If not, click here to go to their Bandcamp page and remedy that problem. As reported earlier, the excellent Chicago label, Feel Trip, is making this EP available on cassette and the word is they should be finished and available very soon. Downloads are great , but come on, the physical format is really what it's all about, right. We'll have some copies of the EP in our store when it becomes available and it will be available through the Feel Trip store as well. In other Magic City news, the band will play a few Chicago shows in the coming weeks and are planning a more extensive tour for the spring. Dates will be posted as we get them.

Also, in the coming weeks, Magic City will begin recording songs for their Walk-In Records LP. More news to come, so stay tuned.

Walk-In Records partners with Knox Road

I am pleased, privileged and honored to announce that Walk-In Records has partnered with the amazing blog Knox Road. I've been writing for Knox Road for the past year and am proud to be associated with a publication of its calibre.

Partnering the label with Knox Road is a natural step considering if it hadn't been for Knox Road, Walk-In Records may never have happened. While looking through the writers mailbox at Knox Road I came across an email with a submission from Magic City. I jumped over to their bandcamp page to see what they were all about and I've been hooked ever since. That first listen turned into regular listens and a glowing review on Knox Road. I figured I would get over it after writing the review, but I couldn't get past the fact that this fabulous band didn't have a record out there anywhere.

Anyway, that's how the idea started and now, a few months later, I have the privilege of putting out Magic City's record and being partners with a group of people at Knox Road who not only put out an amazing publication but for who I have a great deal of respect. I'm looking forward to working with both Magic City and Knox Road for a long time to come. In the next day or so Knox Road will have a home here on our site, but for now please follow this link and enjoy Knox Road for yourself.

Magic City - Little Bits EP now available on cassette and free download

As reported earlier, Magic City's debut, Little Bits EP, is out now and available for free download on their bandcamp page. Feeltrip Records will have a limited cassette version for sale very soon. We will be getting copies of the cassette for sale in our shop as well. Run and get this now, now, now! Magic City plans to tour early next year, so stay tuned for details on those dates as well as updates on their Walk-In Records debut.Also, don't forget to add your name to the Walk-In Records mailing list. Now, go get that Little Bits EP. Go on....

Magic City Prep EP and Unleash New Track

Here at Walk-In Records we consider ourselves very privileged to be working with Chicago's Magic City. In 2012 Walk-In plans to release Magic City's first record. Obviously there's a lot of work ahead before that sweet slab of vinyl is delivered; in the meantime go check out their new track "Your Eyes" and few other amazing tracks over at their bandcamp page. Even more exciting is the news that, Magic City's debut, Little Bits EP, will be released November 11th via the Feel Trip label. We'll have the tape for sale in our store or you can get it via the fabulous Feel Trip label here... you won't be disappointed.


Welcome to Walk-In Records! We're just getting things started here, so there's not much to see yet. All of that will change in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I can tell you that we specialize in small run vinyl releases. We will certainly dabble in CDs, cassette, and digital releases as well, but records will always be out first love. We're hard at work on our first release and we seriously can't wait to tell you all about. Stay tuned...