What's going on??

As Walk-In Records slowly creeps toward its sixth month of existence, it seems like a good time to take a minute to give an update on what's going on around here. As I'm sure you know our first release will be the first album from Chicago's Magic City. February has seen the band playing several shows around Chicago. If you're in Chicago or can get there, you can catch Magic City's next show on March 1 at Double Door. To see what you've been missing check out this video from their most recent show.

Also, Magic City's Little Bits EP, released in November on Feel Trip Records is now available on cassette as well as download. If haven't heard this yet please get over to their Bandcamp page and grab this. The coming weeks will see Magic City hit the studio to start recording their new record. We will keep you posted on their progress.

Beyond all of the great things going on with Magic City, a lot of people want to know if Walk-In will be releasing any other records. The answer is yes, most definitely. I can't say who the other artists on the label will be at this point as nothing is official. I can tell you that we've talked to or have plans to get in touch with several artists about working with us but nothing is finalized at this point.When something becomes official you'll be among the first to know. With that being said, the philosophy around here is to put out music that we're really passionate about, not releasing records just for the sake of releasing something. If that means we don't release another record for two years, so be it. As the they say, sometimes good things take time.