Spaces of Disappearance - New EP, There is no loss is now available in the store!

Chicago's Spaces of Disappearance released the fantastic Passionate Electronics EP in 2015. That EP demonstrated a lot of the best elements of electronic music. Most of all it showed that pairing great electronic music with first rate vocals makes for a really special experience. Now, There Is No Loss is ready to take things even further. 

There Is No Loss is available on CD for $6. Also, if you missed out on Passionate Electronics why not grab the EP Bundle for $10? You get There is No Loss on CD and Passionate Electronics on cassette. The cassette comes with a digital download, so you score double on that one. 

If you want a taste of There Is No Loss, check out the video for No None.



Wholewheat, New Jersey's finest purveyor of lo-fi basement rock will bring four different EPs to cassette this year. After a stellar debut LP, Wholewheat has pumped out several EPs worth of excellent work, building up to a new full-length album to be released later this year on Mystery Circles.

To help celebrate we're putting out all of those EPs on two cassettes. Look for Volume 1 sometime in April of May and Volume 2 later in the summer or early fall. More details will be coming in the next few weeks, but for now check out Wholewheat's page and take a listen to Turn Left.


Tallows - Waist Deep
is Now Available!!

Tallow's long-awaited follow up to the debut album, Memory Marrow, is here. You can now order the Waist Deep cassette,  JUST CLICK HERE!

The album comes on a red cassette and includes a coupon for a download of the entire album.


You can listen to the album and order a digital copy  of the album on Tallows bandcamp page. This is one amazing album, so please check it out right now and grab one of these tapes before they're gone!