Chicago has given much to the world and even more to music, so it’s no surprise that Sister Crystals calls the windy city home. Walk-In Records can’t think of a better band to release the first record on the label than this indie-pop juggernaut. Sister Crystals, released Little Bits EP in late 2011. You can  download it now. The first single, “For So Long”, from their self-titled debut LP, is available to download here.

Their debut LP is now available. ORDER THE LP HERE

Several blogs have had many kind words about the first single, “For So Long”. Here are just a few

Gold Flake Paint

“…these aren’t tentative steps at all. For So Long is a noisy burst of shoegaze, the sweetly vibrant vocals well and truly holding their own against some hefty guitar workouts.” read the full review here.

Hearing Gold

“The hazy, psychedelic trance of the distorted guitar fuzz compliments perfectly with the enchantingly sweet vocals heard in the track—a captivating first taste of their debut effort.”  read the full review here.


“It’s five minutes of sweeping vocals and hazy guitars, all wrapped in a daydream. It’s absolutely perfect for mornings or nights when you just need to cool down.”  read the full review here.

One for the People

“Now clearly embracing their psychedelic tendencies, the big guns are certainly out here, as the song grows in stature, perfectly placing Lauren Whitacre’s delicate vocals over the thrashing guitars. There’s a sense of confidence that has obviously come with 18 months of pre-planning.”  read the full review here

Also, read what these fantastic writers had to say…

I Guess I’m Floating

Just Music That I Like

Dots and Dashes


Praise for Little Bits EP

I Guess I’m Floating

“Here’s a new one from a new one: Magic City‘s deliciously shreddy, lo-fi dream pop just yesterday, by-the-grace-of-email, landed in my lap, and I’m oh so glad it did. My tastes this year have leaned towards the more electronic, dubby side of things. But taste is a rubber band: you can only stretch so far before snapping back to old comforts and settling in the middle, elatedly vibrating between extremes. Magic City is certainly an old comfort; they sandwich well-worn guitar riffs and vocal melodies with guitar solos that have just a hint of nostalgia, and cram more than enough shredded foodstuffs in the middle. It’s the two choruses of “Your Eyes” that really make the jam spread, a lazily thrashed haze of noise-pop that leaves me yearning for the days of Sonic Youth and Sleater Kinney. Promising stuff to be sure.

Magic City’s Little Bits EP (out Nov 11) will be a free download via Feel Trip Records. For now you can hear/download another few tracks at Magic City’s bandcamp page.”

Dance Yrself Clean

Magic City just hits all the right oh it feels oh so good marks just like the Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast and Tennis do.  The Little Bits EP is pretty darn delightful and I’m beyond smitten with the track “The City.”  It’s got this glorious The Shirelles’ Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow thang going on that I will never mind EVER.  If you are swooning too you can download all of Little Bits for a name your price value over at Bandcamp! “

Just Music That I Like

“It’s time to take a trip down memory lane with this blissfully nostalgic dream pop from across the pond, Magic City are a four piece from Chicago, the Windy City is doubtful to be the inspiration for the shimmering charm that could be the perfect soundtrack to your weekend, it’d be even better if it was sunny outside but hey, you can’t have everything.

 Their debut EP ‘Little Bits’ came out last week and is available on a pay what you like download from bandcamp with a limited CD / cassette release to follow via feeltrip. “Your Eyes” is simply delicious, vocalist Lauren Whitacre’s vocals are soulful and sweet, the lazy guitar melody seductive and dreamy, then from nowhere there is this thrashing guitar solo amongst syrupy coo’s, it an unusual combination but it’s one that works wonderfully. It’s a genre I love, check back on my old posts for proof but “Your Eyes” is certainly one of the finest dream / noise-pop tracks I can remember.

 “Work For Us” transports you to a beautiful dream-like state as the gorgeous harmony equally relaxes and seduces you, as the song progresses it raises in tempo with hollow drums and another expectional guitar solo shimmers. The wistful closure “Hard to Imagine” is equally lovely, continuing the languid and gentle theme, if you are willing to let Magic City into your weekend you might just fall in love.”


Magic City: “Work For Us” (Live Session) from Cody Bralts on Vimeo.