Spaces of Disappearance cover

Space of disappearance

Spaces of Disappearance's new EP, Passionate Electronics is available today! This is our first cassette release and we couldn't be more excited. 

The cassette is available now in our store. If you'd like to download the album check out the band's bandcamp page

Spaces of Disappearance will hold a record release show on April 22 at the Hideout in Chicago. You should definitely check out that show!


The wait is over! Landmarks vinyl EP is out today. The record is available for purchase in our store or you can check your local shop, InsoundSaki Mailorder, and many others. Check out our facebook page for a full listing as we know about them.

Landmarks will celebrate with and in-store performance tonight, November 18th at Reckless Records in Chicago. The show is free and starts at 6:30 in the Wicker Park (Milwaukee Ave) store. Also, the band has a number of shows remaining this year. Here's the updated list

Nov 21 - Madison, WI w VARSITY
Nov 22 - Iowa City, IA w Bull Black Nova & Alex Body

Dec 1 - The Empty Bottle - *Vinyl Release* with NE-HIThe Hecks andStarTropics
Dec 10 - Columbus, OH - Ace of Cups with Sleep FleetTurtle Island, andDOMES
Dec 11 (day) - WKDU Philadelphia 91.7FM (Temple U) In-Studio Performance
Dec 11 (night) - Philadelphia, PA - TBD
Dec 12 - NYC - CAKE SHOP NYC with Breakfast In Fur
Dec 13 - NYC - DIY Space with Turnip King
Dec 27 - Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue & 7th St Entry with Suzie


Tape Pile.png

We're making you some cassette tapes...

One of the most frustrating things about having a record label is hearing a lot of great bands and realizing that you don't have the budget to release something from them all.

Starting in early 2015, we're going to start adding cassette releases to our catalog. This will provide us with a more cost-effective format to give some great bands a physical outlet for their music. The plan is to release four cassettes in 2015 with a pair in February or March and the second pair to follow in August or September. Our cassette series will focus on more DIY recordings. These will be homemade albums, EPs, collections of demos, oddities, live recordings and who knows what else. There will be lo-fi indie rock, experimental music, instrumental music, you name it.

Watch here for more info on the first round of cassettes as well as some special bundles we'll have available for the cassette releases.